Friday, May 15, 2015

Tempus Fugit

It's probably the oldest cliche in the book, but time really does fly.  When I first became pregnant, I had many people tell me that time was only going to go by faster, especially once the baby was born...and they were not kidding.  My little boy is now 3 1/2 months old and I'm sitting here thinking back on how my life has changed since having him, and it's all one big blur.  Granted, it's a hormone fueled blur, but one that's full of happiness, tears (of both joy and sadness), sleep deprivation, anticipation, anxiety, and just overall amazement.

Wasn't it only yesterday when we were cautiously putting Spencer into his car seat for the first time, wrapping him up in layer upon layer of warm clothing and blankets to combat the freezing February weather so that we could commence the extra slow and careful mile trek home from the hospital? Those first few hours at home together as a family, without the nurses there for instant support, where we wondered, "What now?" The anxiety of breastfeeding and worrying about not producing enough milk and the anger towards the on-call pediatric nurse who just isn't getting what you are trying to tell her and why you are so upset (because she obviously has never dealt with a first time mother of a newborn before).

It was then that I must have blinked because I went from having this helpless little newborn who spent hours eating and sleeping in my arms, to an infant who still likes to snuggle, but is also trying his best to talk and roll over.  I'm going to have to start drinking even more coffee to ward off taking a nap and waking up to a teenager.

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