Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Hello everyone, and welcome to my first ever blog!  After thinking about writing one of these for months now, I finally decided it was time to get started.  I have always loved writing and I enjoy the creativity, stress relief and overall cathartic nature it involves.  My life has undergone some major changes in the past year and I wanted a way to track everything for myself, by using a medium that would allow me to not only share my experiences, but to also receive comments and inspiration from others as well. 

The debut of this blog is very important to me because I planned for it to occur during a very difficult personal time.  Tomorrow (December 1st) marks one year since my mom died suddenly of pancreatic cancer.  Being both a high school English teacher and a fiction/novel writer, my mom always encouraged me to keep up with my writing, which I can honestly say has lapsed in the past year since her death.  By creating this blog now, I am dedicating it to my mom and her memory, as I know this would be something she would fully embrace.  I miss her more than words could ever say, and I hope I can keep her essence alive as I begin the journey of truly writing about my life on this site.

As you may have guessed by the title of this blog, The Incredible Shrinking Woman, a good portion of what I write about will in fact have to do with the gastric bypass surgery I recently had and all things diet related and otherwise. However, for the other half of my blogging, I do plan on talking about any and everything else that tickles my fancy, so hopefully you will all hang on for the ride, whoever you may be!  :)  My hope is that I can use this blog to rant about my adventures and overall general feelings about whatever crosses my mind; maybe have a little humor thrown in here and there for good measure, but also more importantly, create an environment where I can share my experiences related to my surgery, in the past (post-op) stages all the way through the present day, and continuing on.

I am excited about things to come and am optimistic that friends and other random people roaming the interwebs will find my blog and share this journey with me. 

Until then,